About Us

Wiget combines solid experience from the digital marketing industry with cutting edge proprietary technology to enable our partners to reach their marketing goals. Your success is our mission.

A Market Leader Evolves

8 years of experience in digital advertising

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    Proprietary RTB Platform

Time Line

From media brokers, to global ad network, on to a proprietary self-service platform built on RTB technology for all your online media buying needs.

Our evolution has taken us a long way since we first took our baby steps in 2008. Years of trial and error and R&D has given us vast amounts of industry know-how that we in turn use to excel and amplify our platform.

Not Just Words

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Our progress and various shapes and forms throughout the years shows that our key values are not only words, but a description of our DNA and who we are.

Being dynamic isn’t something we say, it’s something we do and show time after time as the industry changes. Providing excellent customer service is not just a sentence on our site, it’s a philosophy and way of work in our offices. Talking about being customer-centric is not just because it sounds nice – it’s because that’s the only thing that makes sense to us.

It’s these values that have initiated thousands of partnerships across the globe, and allowed us to serve billions of high quality ad impressions each month.

Our Team

There's fairy dust and magic, and then there's the Wiget Team.

Our biggest strength is the awesome people that carry our values close at heart, and put in maximum effort each and every day to make sure our company excels.

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