Join the Wiget Family!

Wiget is one of the fastest growing companies in Sweden, and as such we are always on the hunt for new, amazing colleagues to work with.

What is Work?

For us, work and life go hand in hand, and we see it as absolutely crucial that both are enjoyed to the fullest. Our ambition is to create the best place in the world for work to be done and for individuals to thrive.

We see the Wiget family as a possible final destination for highly skilled professionals – once you are here, we will work our butts off to make sure you’ll love it enough to stay!

Our TeamOur TeamOur TeamOur TeamOur Team


A Super-Central Office

Right in the midst of the best shopping and restaurants, great communications and the best nightlife in Stockholm and Sweden.

Lots of Team Events

Such as go-karting, after works, poker nights, team sports, Laserdome, parties etc.

Flexible Working Hours

We do not monitor your work hours and also offer 2 full flex weeks per year – work at the beach if you want!

Fully Stacked Fridge

For breakfast and snack hours. No one goes hungry on our premises!

Top Notch Recreation

Take on the FIFA-kings of the office, climb the rankings as the best Rocket League player, or just hang out with our salt water fishes in our 750 liter aquarium.

Gym and Health Benefits

High productivity and a healthy lifestyle goes hand in hand. We encourage physical activity and also do a lot of sports together such as football, floorball, basketball, and much more.

Relocation Assistance

Living elsewhere but still want to join our team? No problem, we assist you in all steps of the process to ensure that your move here goes as smoothly as possible.

Pension Plans

Sooner or later, we’ll all grow old and we like to take care of our team members even when their working days are over. That’s why we offer pension plans, so that you don’t have to worry about the future.

Innovation Forums

Got a cool idea that you want to share? Or just a ton of improvements you think we should implement? During our Wiget Innovation Forums, all employees gather to discuss various ideas for a whole day.

An Encouraging Atmosphere

We realize that the ability to adapt is what creates long term resilience. Our ambition is to be as dynamic and adaptable as possible throughout all our teams and team members.

Personal and Professional Growth

We love to see our team members excel both professionally and personally and we work hard to enable them to do so

Charity Events

We are proud to support various charities every year, both via individual contributions and company donations

Interested in Joining the Team?

We look for individuals who want to shape our company with us, and create and own their work. Hence, having a lot of responsibilities is a natural part of everyone’s day at Wiget Media. Our goal is to gather skilled individuals from all over the world in one big melting pot located in Stockholm, and work together as a team to reach both personal and common goals.

Wiget Media is currently represented by 14 nationalities spread across our different teams. We view this multiculturalism as a great asset that allows us to understand the world better both as individuals and as a company.

Our Friends

  • Brunte


    Brunte is our Pig-table. He’s a great sport, always there to hold your glass, or serve you a nice treat.

    He loves switching up his socks depending on the season, and during Christmas he even dresses up as Santa Claus.

  • Brunte


    Meet our clownfish, true wonders of nature, and a couple of the cutest fish you’ll ever meet.

    They always hang out with each other, and truly capture the team spirit of Wiget Media.

Cherish Your Time

Our goal is to create a workplace where Sunday nights are free of Monday horrors

Work is a big part of life for most of us. We think that time should bring you just as much quality as your spare time. Our goal is to create a workplace where Sunday nights are free of Monday horrors.

Where everyone is on the same level, and all ideas and thought processes are valued highly. If you truly care about your time, feel free to send us an inquiry about one of our positions below, or just let us know what you could bring into our team.

Open Positions

Currently no open positions available, drop by soon again for new openings!

Do you have any questions about our available positions?