Wiget specializes in maximizing ad revenue for web and mobile properties. We provide global monetization solutions for a wide range of publishers, from webmasters to mobile app developers.

Maximize Revenue

Boost your earnings with our revenue driven formats and get access to hundreds of campaigns from leading global brands.

We combine powerful technology with an experienced sales team to ensure every impression served reaches it’s full revenue potential. As a Wiget publisher, you can rest assured that wasted impressions are kept to a minimum.

Why Wiget?

Full Service

We provide full inventory optimization with global coverage across all verticals, devices, operating systems and countries.

Customize frequency, categories and other ad attributes to enhance user experience.

Inventory Optimization

Stop wasting valuable impressions on second tier networks.

Our optimization technology delivers maximum value for every impression served.

Real-Time Reporting

We know what matters to publishers: revenue, and we don’t think you’re supposed to wait hours or days to see results.

Our dashboard will give you a quick real-time overview, with the option of customizing your own reports for deeper insights of your inventory performance.

Exclusive Campaigns

One of the best kept secrets for maximizing publisher earnings is tapping into exclusive campaigns.

We’ll provide you with offers and rates that you will not find with the generic networks and exchanges.

What We Monetize

  • Websites
  • Toolbars
  • Software
  • Mobile Websites
  • Mobile Apps
  • Parked Domains

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